Below are empowering resource recommendations for education about domestic abuse. To get in touch with  TAF send a confidential message.

“I have been seeing a counselor for a little over a year for complex PTSD. I had not seen her in a couple weeks. I met with her today and she asked how I have been doing so well (emotionally and mentally)? I shared how hearing from you and your friends (on Facebook Live) has been a veil lifted for me…”

 – woman TAF helped


Naghmeh Panahi interviews Dr. Gary Thomas about how to know when enough is enough in marriage

Naghmeh Panahi interviews Leslie Vernick: How the church can address domestic abuse

Naghmeh Panahi interviews Jeannie Strohmeye at the Family Justice Center on getting help when you’re in abuse

“Y’all have been a support group for me to come out from under the confusion of gaslighting, manipulation and denial. It’s strange to admit, but to hear and sisters-in-Christ thriving and advocating for us who are ashamed in silence and condemnation because of church culture has brought so much compassion for me and my children, and I have hope that seems tangible. Thank you for being a source of healing to me and other families and allowing the Lord to use you in this capacity. BLESS YOU Ladies, praying for God to advance the territory of this ministry and to protect and lead you…!!”

 – woman TAF helped