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How is TAF setting women free this month?

In the past few weeks, TAF has worked hard to set several women free from abuse and to speak out against abuse and religious persecution.

During the month of November, we are supporting five women and children by gifting them with $500 for basic necessities like legal fees and monthly bills. These are women who have left abuse in desperation and pain; and they carry scars of decades of abuse. Most of them have few resources. The pandemic has made it especially hard for women to work and care for their children. If you can help us support another five women this month, and help these single moms get through the holidays, it would make a huge impact!

“I nearly collapsed as I escaped with a trunk full of my children’s clothes and a few groceries. I was terrified and unsure of what he would do to me for separating. He cut off all access to our bank accounts immediately and I needed help desperately. The community of love and support from TAF changed my life.” -Woman TAF helped

TAF Speaking Engagements

In the past few weeks, Naghmeh was featured as a speaker at two large events and is planning a third:

  • Leslie Vernick’s 2020 virtual 2020 Courage Conference.  The event was centered around and titled GROW STRONG TOGETHER. 751 women signed up!
  • Retreat at Black Lake Bible Camp in Olympia, WA. This event was focused on peace, refreshment, and community. Naghmeh gave her testimony and spoke about abuse and healing from trauma.
  • Naghmeh continues to speak out on abuse and work with women and churches. She is currently planning an I Am His conference with Teri Stagner to take place in Boise, ID in 2021.

Mariam spoke remotely at Act In Time:

Partner with us. Act justly and give boldly!

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, we would like to help. Please share TAF’s Resources page and Practical Tips for Escaping Domestic Violence.  

Also, please continue to pray for women who need rescue and restoration. The road to healing from abuse can be long and challenging.

Do you need to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year? Please consider partnering with us. Women need our help financially to escape abuse, and to pay for legal fees. Please help us meet their needs.

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