SUDAN IN CRISIS: TAF Speaks Up on Capitol Hill

House Foreign Affairs Committee
Mariam Ibraheem with Anne Basham from TAF, Ian Schwab from the Enough Project, and House Foreign Affairs Committee staff discussing solutions to the crisis in Sudan.

Today Mariam Ibraheem and Anne Basham joined forces with Ian Schwab of the Enough Project to meet with Congressman Mark Meadows and the House Foreign Affairs Committee to advocate for Global Magnitsky sanctions against the Sudanese military leader known as “Hemeti.”

On June 3 in the capitol of Sudan, pro-democracy protesters were surrounded by the military, called the TMC, of now former President Omar Al-Bashir. The TMC opened fired on these freedom-loving protesters, killing 118 people and dumping 40 of their bodies into the Nile River.

There are serious concerns that this agreement will not last and that violence will erupt again because the leader of the TMC, “Hemeti,” is still in power. The people of Sudan are organized and ready for free and democratic elections, but Hemeti and the TMC must step aside for these democratic elections sooner than the 18 month timeline in the agreement or else it is only a matter of time before violence begins again.

The advocacy meetings were successful, and we are thankful for Congressman Meadows’ support and offer to write a letter to Secretary Pompeo calling for Global Magnitsky Sanctions against Hemeti which can be read here.

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