Saving Shirin’s Life: One woman’s story of leaving abuse

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Warning: There are images that may not be suitable for children at the end of this post.

“Shirin” is one of the women TAF helps here in the U.S. Unfortunately, she is a common example of what religiously-based violence looks like here in the United States. What’s most amazing about Shirin’s story is that when she escaped her abusive marriage, she also decided to escape Islam, and she is now a new believer in Christ! God used Shirin’s painful journey of domestic abuse to draw her to Himself and to save her from her sin. I was encouraged to be part of that journey and watching her put her faith in Jesus. Through the many hours of talking with her and praying for her, I could see God’s amazing love for her as He revealed Himself to her and gave her the faith to believe in Him!

Shirin’s story represents the mission of TAF. We spent many hours talking about what it means to get your strength from God and to set healthy boundaries. We spoke well into the night and during the early morning hours I walked her through police calls and safety measures. I cried with her when she struggled and wrestled with compassion for her extremely abusive husband. She did not like seeing him imprisoned and getting many counts of felonies for having beat her nearly to death. He has continued to threaten her for drawing boundaries. God used my own testimony to encourage her to stand strong and keep looking to Jesus. She has. She sought Jesus and has put faith in Him as her Lord and Savior. Shirin now attends church regularly with her two daughters who are 15 and 8.

Just this last weekend I received this message from Shirin after she watched one of my interviews at a conference in Texas: “I love you! It was so touching. I am so thankful to be inspired by you. I couldn’t stop crying. You saved my life and helped me be strong enough. I will help other woman later to pay it back.”  I was not the one who touched her or saved her. It was Jesus.

God is also using this very painful journey to also reach Shirin’s daughters for Christ! Shirin is an engineer who was not allowed to use her degree and work, but now she is applying for engineering jobs. She is struggling financially since her husband took all of their money, and she and her two daughters don’t have money for daily needs. Shirin also needs financial help to secure a lawyer. She is trying hard to find a job, but her situation is a common plight especially for religious women with children. She is a new sister-in-Christ, and she needs our short-term help.

Shirin is one of the many women that we help here at TAF. Please consider partnering with us as we continue this work to those oppressed and hurting. We cannot continue to do this work without your support. Your prayers and support are appreciated.

If you are interested in helping Shirin, please click here, and choose the “domestic violence” button. In the comments please write the word “Shirin.”

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