COVID-19 and Domestic Violence

These are certainly unprecedented times. Home should be a place of rest and safety, but for many women this isn’t the case. TIME Magazine recently published this article about the impact of COVID-19 on domestic violence. Unfortunately, it is no surprise. Alcohol use, violence, and verbal aggression are increasing during this time in many already toxic homes, but the options for escape are fewer than ever. Right now women cannot run to a shelter, courts and law offices are shut down, and police are more cautious about how to respond to calls.

We are seeing the effects of COVID-19 make things worse for women and children trapped in abusive homes, and the need for counsel and assistance like TAF provides is even greater. The needs will increase in the next year because of COVID-19 and the recovery afterward. We spend hours on the phone listening and guiding women through individual scenarios and providing resources for their difficult decisions. We provide for physical needs as well.  Through advocacy in Washington, D.C. we are on the front lines of federal policies changes that will keep women and children safer legally, and we believe TAF is positioned to help at such a time as this.

“TAF paid our hospital bills, moved us into a safe apartment, and covered daily living expenses as we work to recover our lives. I am one of many other women and children they have helped in similar ways.” – woman TAF serves

However, we cannot continue to do this without your support. TAF was founded less than a year ago with a small limited budget to see us through until we became IRS approved. Fortunately, TAF received our approval letter just one week before the shut down for COVID19 (yet another way God has provided), but now we need your help. Without a team of monthly financial partners we cannot continue the work for these women here in the U.S. or abroad. Our work has not slowed down during this time. Will you please consider becoming a partner especially during this time? Any amount is appreciated, and you will become a part of their rescue story.

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