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Zahra’s personal message

Dear friends,

Thank you, to all who reached out to Zahra recently when we invited to you write messages to her. Read more of her story here. 

Please note below a message I got from Zahra’s sister, Maya. I hope you are all encouraged and know how much your words and prayers have impacted Zahra and her family. God Bless you all!

My dear sister, Naghmeh!

It brought tears to my eyes and my heart cries for all these lovely words! Thank you Lord to feel your family’s heart with your love! I translated and sent it to Zara! She just cried and said that the words can’t express how happy and encouraged and hopeful she is when she knows so many lovely people around the world are praying for her!

Love you Naghmeh and all my family in Christ.

God bless you all.



We deeply appreciate the way you’ve rallied behind Zahra, and the other women TAF is working with, as they are being freed of abuse and religious persecution. Please continue to pray for a miracle for Zahra.

Every investment made, extends kindness and God’s love toward women who have suffered greatly. I encourage you to reach out to those in your life who are suffering, just as we’ve done for Zahra, and remind hurting women that they are not alone.  Reminding abuse victims that they are not alone is a touching message and lasting blessing to many.

This year we have personally assisted over 30 women through TAF. When women escape their abusive marriages, separation and divorce can bring significant risk. These women live in terrible fear for their safety. Therefore, to protect these women, we often cannot share their personal, heartbreaking stories with you. I’d like you to know that at times the women of TAF have personally financially supported those who come to us in desperate need.  As single moms, our financial support is limited, however, with your partnership, we’d be in a position to greatly increase the number of women rescued and helped

We thank God for you! Thank you for praying for us, and for supporting TAF through your affirmations and finances. Please spread the word, and share this post with others who have the heart to help and heal the vulnerable and abused.

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