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Zahra Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Teaching Kurdish Children Their Native Language

Zahra, a lovely and highly educated Muslim Kurdish woman in Iran, was arrested for teaching Kurdish children their native language. 

The Kurdish are oppressed by the Iranian government. Kurdish human rights defenders, activists, and journalists can face arrest and prosecution. Recently we learned that Zahra was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Read more about her story here. 


Her sister Maya, who is a Christian, has asked that we pray for Zahra and her family.

Zahra’s lawyer is trying to appeal this sentence. Please pray for wisdom for her lawyer. In addition, please pray for us here at TAF as we are working closely with Zahra’s family to speak out about this injustice.  Please pray for us as we need wisdom on which steps to take to best help Zahra and call out the Iranian government on the abuse of citizens’ human rights.

If you wish to send Zahra a prayer or words of encouragement, please complete the form below or you may send her a letter to the address below:

P.O. Box 10
Clifton, VA 20124

Zahra's Kurdish students
Zahra's Kurdish students
Zahras Class
Zahra's Kurdish students

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