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TAF’s crucial role in helping change laws in Sudan in order to protect Christians

Several days ago we got the exciting news that Sudan’s Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari confirmed that the government has repealed apostasy punishment in the penal code, which means that those who convert from Islam to Christianity in Sudan will no longer get the death penalty!

It is thrilling news that the apostasy law has been repealed since Tahrir Alnisa Foundation’s co-founder, Mariam Ibraheem, was sentenced to death in 2014 because of this law, and released from imprisonment because of public outcry.

In January 2020, then-Representative Mark Meadows submitted Mariam’s testimony during a hearing on H.Res 512- the global repeal of blasphemy and apostasy laws.  Her testimony was used to advocate for the global repeal of blasphemy and apostasy laws which would provide religious freedom and protection for those who convert from Isalm to Christianity.

In November 2019, Sudan repealed a public order law restricting women’s dress code which greatly benefited Christian women. This action was taken shortly after Prime Minister Hamdok met with the State Department and United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). During that time, TAF sent recommendations to USCIRF regarding changes that needed to take place in Sudan, such as repeal of the dress code and the blasphemy law. These recommendations were discussed and addressed in that meeting. Within a short few months, we have witnessed changes that TAF has been directly involved in advocating for.

The changes in Sudan are significant and can be used to bring change that may spread throughout Africa. The capital of Sudan, Khartoum, is home to one of the oldest universities in Africa, which draws people from all over the continent. Sudan is also geographically strategic because it is close to the middle east.

God has used Mariam and TAF as a powerful voice for these changes, and that is exciting! As we speak, Mariam has been contacted by Sudan’s Justice Minister to be part of a team that provides recommendations and suggestions to the Sudanese government. This team will also help to establish the new constitution and laws in Sudan. Praise God! We are so thankful to God that Mariam is able to use her voice to help bring more freedom and protection for the Christians in Sudan.

You all have been part of this change through your prayers and support! We would appreciate your continued prayer and funding so that we can persist in the work that we are doing in Africa, the Middle East, and the United States. We cannot continue our work without your help.

Mariam Freed From Prison

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